Scenic Painting

Recreation of Bansky Painting
Entire project done with Stencil and HVLP
Foam Carving Project
Carved & Painted Beadfoam
Brick Wall with Window
Translucent Painted Window in Brick Wall with Quoining
Marble Wall Sample
Marble Wall with Carved Pillar & Recessed Panel
Laminate Floor Treatment
Painted Faux Laminate Tile Floor
Wood Burl Sample
Wood and Fabric Sample
Wood Paneled Wall with Curtain Swag
Brick and Rock Sample
Wood and Stucco Sample
Wood Paneled Wall with Stucco
Pastoral Sample
Foliage in front of Mountainside
Stained Glass Project
Stained Plexiglass with FEV
Abandoned Circus Sign
Experiment with Weathering & Chipping Paint